Outboard Services

* All road service on Kent Island are $50.00 per visit.

1. Lower unit gear lube service on most outboard motors 1-40 HP $70.00, 41-80 HP $90.00, 81-250 HP $110.00, 251-350 HP $125.00. Service includes grease all fittings, propeller removal with hub and seal inspection. Fluids and grease included.

2. Oil change and filter most on 4 stroke outboard motors under 10 HP $40.00, 11-40 HP $75.00, 41-70 HP $100.00, 71-115 HP $115.00, 116-140 HP $140.00, 141 HP -250 HP $165.00. Mercury Verado, all Honda V6 and all V8 are $225.00 Includes up to 6 quarts of oil and filter. Additional oil is at $9.00 per quart.

3. Tune up most outboard motors, includes check timing, fuel pressure, idle, adjust carburetors, grease and lube of all moving parts, clean or change engine fuel filter, drain VST or carbs, change spark plugs (parts not included) and spray with anti-corrosive. All 2 and 4 stroke outboards at $110.00 per hour. ECM computer scan $50.00.

4. Remove and replace most propellers on outboard engines and grease $50.00 round trip.  Reconditioning is available with a fast turnaround! New props and hub kits are available for all outboard engines.

5. Major and minor mechanical repairs; cooling systems, carburetors, fuel injection service and injector cleaning, ignition systems, starters, alternators, valve adjustment, belts and hoses, engine cleaning, steering systems and lower unit repairs are at $110.00 per hour.

6. Charge battery, check water if required, clean terminals and check charging system 45.00. Install new battery $25.00.

7. Winterize most outboard motors. Run on ethanol free fuel, flush, fog, drain fuel from fuel system including carburetors or VST, grease and lube as required, spray with anti-corrosive and disconnect battery, 2 and 3 cylinder $125.00, 4 cylinder $150.00, 6 cylinder $175.00 and 8 cylinder $200.00. Mercury Verado and Honda V 6 and V8 are $250.00. All small engines under 45 HP are at $110.00 per hour.

8. Spring commissioning. Charge battery and clean terminals, check charging system, check all systems for proper operation, start engine and run up to operating temperature, check through hulls, all hoses fuel lines and bulb, clamps, all fluids, all belts, grease and lube as required, check all lights, horn, wipers, bilge pump(s) and other accessories. Check fuel quality and for water content.  All outboard engines $150.  Add $75.00 per additional engine. Boats with water systems, A/C and head are at $110.00 per hour.